Top Party Cities of the World

Published: 16th February 2012
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Ever wonder what makes a great party city? Lots of students. Plenty of tourists. Tons of bars. Shows and more shows. And the streets just rocking with activity. Let’s take a look at the world's top party cities

BARCELONA, Spain, is rated as the Spanish party HQ, Barcelona clubs typically don’t open until midnight and don’t close until dawn.

LONDON, UK, host of the 2012 Olympic games is crammed with posh pubs and edgy music. The party hasn’t stopped in London since the 1500s.

TEL AVIV, Isreal, is known as the party spot in the Middle East. While the rest of the region is caught up in politics and grudges, Tel Aviv is bopping to the beat of its own music.

CHICAGO, Illinois is not only known for its pizza, but it is for its parties. Let’s face it, pizza and parties go hand in hand.

ROME, Italy, is where parties were first invented – Toga parties.

NEW YORK, New York distinguishes itself as the city with the most bars and clubs in the USA. Plenty of parties going on.

TORONTO, Ontario, is known as “Toronto the Good” and “The Big Smoke”. There is a reason why Toronto is the largest city in Canada – lots of people ready to party together.

TOKYO, Japan, runs its trains only until midnight, so you have no choice but to keep the party going in one of its many nightclubs, bars and pubs.

LOS ANGELES, California, is home to Hollywood - and every bartender and waiter is an actor. This is the best city to create future bragging rights. Party in LA long enough, and someday you’ll be telling your friends, “I know that diva. She once served me a beer.”

GOA, India, has everything from amazing music festivals to crazy beach parties.

BERLIN, Germany, is an anything-goes kind of town, a mecca for backpackers who have nothing better to do than party the night away.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, is the best place to spend the most money partying. Students: head for Berlin. Glitterati: head for Dubai’s yachts and man-made islands.

AMSTERDAM is where Europeans go to party, even after the party. These after-hours parties typically last until noon the next day.

KOH PHANGAN, Thailand, is the home of the legendary Full Moon Party, the original crazy hippie love fest, now one of the biggest outdoor festivals in the world.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, features many clubs that stay open 24 hours a day. If that doesn’t say party town, I don’t know what does.

IBIZA, Spain, is renowned as the biggest party spot on the planet. Here the nightclubs don’t open until 2am, and they finish around eight in the morning – just to out-do Barcelona.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, is home to Carnaval – perhaps the biggest party in the world.

MOSCOW, Russia, is the place for velvet rope parties. These stylish, vodka-fuelled partygoers know how to party into the wee, wee hours of the morning.

ATLANTA, Georgia is known as the Capital of The South. Although tourists come for the Aquarium and the Zoo, true party animals flip out over downtown Atlanta’s nightlife.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, is Europe’s destination city for stag parties. Nightclubs typically run until dawn - with the cheap beer prices.

MONTREAL, Quebec, has a world-famous bilingual nightlife. People come from around the world for the drinks, but they certainly stay for the beautiful French women… er, I mean culture.

SAINT TROPEZ, France, is where the rich and the famous go to unwind. Make sure you have plenty of coin if you go there.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, was host to the 2010 Winter Olympics. From what I hear, they have not stopped partying since.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, is a party capital. Any place called Sin City doesn’t go light on its parties. Just remember, if you party a little too hard, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

BOSTON, Massachusetts is flooded with students every September at Boston’s prestigious colleges. They bring an infusion of cultural enthusiasm, which has spawned everything from music festivals to hip clubs and Irish pubs.

BUDAPEST, Hungary, jumped into the European party scene with their introduction of ‘sparties’. They’ve combined their love of spas with their ever-expanding selection of nightclubs.

OSAKA, Japan is the sake party capital of the world. Enjoy it in one of the many pubs and clubs that stay open until the wee hours of the morning.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, is where the beer is cheaper than water, so you can really enjoy the mix of European and South American cultures.

BANGKOK, Thailand, is Asia’s Sin City, Bangkok, with partiers coming here to let their hair down.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, is the city where flower power began half a century ago – and they are still partying hipster style today.

CALGARY, Alberta, is known as Cowtown because of the famous Calgary Stampede. These days, the Stampede is as much about the parties as it is about the rodeo.

MIAMI, Florida is home to all kinds of party goers, from the Fort Lauderdale yacht club set, to the down and dirty dancers at the Latin dance clubs.

David Leonhardt has provided this list courtesy of Bar Whiz.

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